Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Allen Wrench ? Adding the Extras

Years ago when I started sim-racing the idea of hooking a steering wheel to a computer and driving a car on the screen was a stretch of the imagination for many.� It was kind of like wearing your favorite cartoon character?s pajamas to bed:� it wasn?t discussed in public or at the family reunion your parents just hoped one day you?d grow out of it.� While most of us did grow out of our favorite cartoon pajamas and stop wearing them, sim-racing has become more main stream, more widely accepted, and even recognized as a sport by professional racing organizations. When something becomes popular everyone starts thinking of ways to make money off of it, and sim-racing is no different.� In terms of the iRacing service, the more it grows [...]


Gregory Jack Biffle David Lee Blaney Michael Duane Bliss Kurt Thomas Busch

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