Thursday, March 15, 2012

Road America Rendezvous

The rendezvous-point this week for the Grand Prix Series teams and drivers was Road America – a 4.048 mi (6.515 km) circuit consisting of 14 turns. Constructed in the mid-1950s, Road America is one of only a hand-full of road circuits in the world maintaining its original configuration. The track features many elevation changes, along with a long front stretch where speeds approaching 200 mph (320 km/h) may be reached. Two of the best known features of this course are a high speed turn on the backstretch known as “The Kink” and the long, never-ending right hander named “The Carousel.” In Friday’s Strength-of-Field (SoF) race, Max Dell’Orco took yet another pole position and the fastest qualifying time of the week as he ? like so many times this season [...]


Gene Hartley Masahiro Hasemi Naoki Hattori Paul Hawkins

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